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This unit came looking exactly like the picture. It had no smell and is very soft and fluffy. I combed through it and had no shedding. I am dying it and so far it’s taking the color exactly like I want it too. However after placement of one color I did wash it gently and the beautiful soft wave it had did go away , but I expected it would. I do want to add even after shading the roots and washing it , then combing with a wide tooth comb and then a regular comb it still did not shed.

My combs had no hair fall out in them. I highly recommend this full lace 613 unit. I’m very very pleased. Even came sooner than I expected…… This 360 lace wigs unit is still amazing! Barely any shedding and I did dye it through darkening roots, low lighting and over all tone. So if yours starts shedding a lot after coloring it could be the product you used or the way your using it. I used Wella products only and deep conditioner for an hour after. I sleep in this and even wash it on my head after install. It’s worth it ladies.

Will order again. I never buy units that have tracks, I only buy full lace units so I don’t have to deal with or worry about someone seeing the tracks. I’m very very pleased with how well this is holding up. When I wear it natural hair with the small wave it does seem to tangle more. It doesn’t tangle as much straight and I use argan oil on it about twice a day and that helps a lot.

I will order again very soon and color it just like I did this one and keep this one as a back up while the other one is being cleaned and dried. I’ve orders several units on net and this one has been the best! I literally sleep in this every night but 1 night it’s removed and cleaned. So for this to be doing so great that’s saying something! Very very satisfied customer!!!!

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Four good habits help you make your scalp healthy

First: combing hair often

There is a saying in the old saying that says: “If you want to get rid of him, comb your hair a thousand times”, it is true. Insisting on combing 3-4 times a day in the morning and at night, can strengthen the friction of the scalp, promote blood circulation of the scalp, reduce keratinization of the epithelial cells of the scalp and help hair growth. However, care must be taken when combing the hair, as it should not be pulled too hard, otherwise it will restrict the flow of blood and also cause the hair to fall out.

Second: Eat more foods that contain vitamins.

Vitamin A plays an important role in promoting the growth and development of normal function and structure of epithelial tissues, vitamin B2 and vitamin C have certain effects on seborrheic alopecia. Therefore, the internal adjustment approach is to eat more vegetables and eat less meat, which reduces the intake of oil and irritating foods.

Third: Diligent Scalp SPA

Studies have shown that the SPA of the scalp is a healthy way, because massage plays an important role in the relief of the scalp. Regular massage of the scalp can promote blood circulation of the scalp, accelerate metabolism and, at the same time, decompress and relax the tired body. Head & Shoulders has created a 1 minute spa massage on the scalp that facilitates scalp massage at home to improve scalp health and to be healthy and beautiful.

Fourth: ensure the time and quality of sleep.

Chinese medicine believes that it is the best time to recharge your hair from 11:00 to 6:00, so if you can fall asleep during this time, it will be of great benefit to eliminate fatigue, relax your mood and strengthen your skin. scalp If you can not sleep at this time, be sure to sleep less than 6 hours a day or 30 to 60 minutes at noon. Sleeping has a good quality, the importance is to promote the normal metabolism of the skin and hair. We only ensure the health of the body to ensure the health of the hair of the scalp.

Why use conditioner

1. Why use conditioner?

The healthy hair surface is composed of a complete set of hair flakes and naturally secreted oil, which forms the most external protective film for hair. Permeability, hair dyeing and even sun exposure will destroy this natural protective film layer, which will result in the loss of moisture in the hair core, allowing the hair to gradually lose its elasticity and eventually become dry and rough. and without brightness. The role of the conditioner is to re-form a protective film on the surface of the hair to protect it from the outside world.

2. The main raw material of the conditioner.

Cationic surfactants are the main raw material for conditioners. When we use shampoo to clean the hair, the surface of the hair is anionic. The cationic component of the conditioner can neutralize the anions that remain on the surface of the hair. A monomolecular film is formed to make the hair easy to comb, with a smooth and shiny appearance.

3. The correct use of the conditioner.

(1) Before applying the conditioner, the water in the hair should be properly squeezed because most of the chemical components contained in the conditioner are insoluble in water. If the humidity in the hair is greater, the conditioner can not enter. Play a nourishing role in the hair core.
(2) To prevent chemicals: silicon remains on the scalp and to avoid oily scalp, the conditioner should be applied from the end of the hair and the application range is about 1/3 of the hair length. It is important to note that when applying the conditioner, it is better to press the conditioner on the palm of your hand and apply it to the hair after rubbing it with your hands. When applying, you can use your fingers to insert in the hair line to comb, making the hair more flexible and organized.
(3) After applying evenly, allow the conditioner to remain on the tip for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water.

Guidelines For Buyers To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Human Hair Wigs

Wigs are becoming a popular choice for people, not only to cover up their diverse hair issues but also to get a stylish and trendy look. Amongst the different types of wigs that are available in the market today, the ones made from human hair are most popular. The long life and the extremely high quality of these wigs are two major reasons that make these a preferred choice of the masses. However, most often buyers fail to differentiate the human lace front wigs uk from their synthetic counterparts, and thus end up buying the latter even though they intend otherwise.

Given below are some tips that can help avoid this confusion and ensure that the buyers get the perfect human hair wigs that suit their personality and style in a natural way.

Most such hair pieces are made from locks imported from Asian countries. As such they are often a lot more bulky and have softer and shinier feel to them as compared to the synthetic wigs.

In general, wigs crafted from human tresses come with a nylon mesh cap attached to their base to keep the woven ends of the hair safe. However, this feature can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Given the fact that these wigs are made from 100% natural hair, they tend to be significantly costlier than the synthetic hair. At the same time they offer the wearers good value for money as they last really long and do not require much maintenance efforts.

People seeking a natural looking human hair wig should opt for ones that come with a monofilament top wig cap. It is important for buyers to mention this specifically while looking for such hair extensions as not all of them are provided with this feature.

These wigs are generally crafted by hand after tying the hair knots, which in itself can be an indication of their authenticity. However, this should not be taken as the ultimate guarantee for their authenticity as many synthetic wigs might also be manufactured in a similar manner.

Buyers should also check out the various catalogs for these wigs available easily online to gain information about the size, accessories and other aspects related to buying these hair pieces.

It is extremely important to provide accurate details about the cap size and the hair length to the suppliers while buying human hair wigs online. This not only ensures a snug fitting but also makes them look totally natural.

It is also advisable for buyers to seek references or check out online forums and review sites before buying hair extensions. This helps them to get an idea of the best place to buy these wigs at truly affordable rates and with an assurance of quality and durability.

Different Lace Wig Types

We all know that there are many different types of lace wigs on the market, and even wigs online! You can see many types, things are complicated and difficult to understand. That’s why it’s best to make sure you know the inside and outside of the lace wig before deciding to buy a lace wig. After reading this article, you will begin to learn how to buy a lace wig.

For those who do not know, there are two different types of lace that are used to develop lace wigs: Swiss lace and French lace. These two cords are used more often to create things that could change their appearance. To gain a deeper understanding of the world of lace, we developed a full lace wig, called lace, and then some of the wigs developed with lace, called the lace front wig. Both types of lace and hat construction are made of Swiss lace, French or a combination of them.

Although the two sound as if they came from different worlds, the only difference is the place of manufacture. As mentioned above, there are full lace wigs, as well as lace front wigs, in which the full lace wig has gained momentum in recent years. This is because you can completely change your appearance, which is what most wig buyers are looking for.

The full lace wig is made of cuticle and woven in a lace cap that is prefabricated to fit and cover the head for a more natural look. One of the reasons why people are anxious to play to the fullest at all times is that lace wigs have attracted the interest of many people. Lace wigs are more than just accessories for hair. It adds shine and beauty, and can be changed to imitate different styles of hairstyles.

We will never blame those who seek to have the beauty and charm that many people desire. The need to be glamorous and safe has now become a necessary condition for civilization, which can sometimes seem excessive. We must accept the fact that through the different innovations and inventions of wigs, can change the way people see themselves. No more excuses, why you should be satisfied with your dry curly hair, or try to get celebrity hairstyles by going to the beauty salon, when you can now achieve everything and more using lace wigs.

Buying and Caring For Real Hair Wigs

Nowadays, wigs come in a variety of colors, lengths and styles to suit your taste. Wigs usually help people achieve cosmetic transformation by hiding bald spots. However, people can also wear wigs for other reasons. Before trying to boldly change hairstyles or colors, people can try wigs to assess how well they look for the new look. Then someone buys a wig to get a new and different look.

Even though the popularity of wigs has stimulated the production of synthetic wigs, the demand for real hair wigs is still at an all time high. The wig makers now offer a range of real wigs made with human hair. These natural wigs are usually made of human hair from a variety of people who agree to use hair for wigs. In most cases, salon clients will be asked if there is any objection to allowing their hair to be worn in wigs. Once the client approves, your hair will be picked up carefully. These clients can also be paid for hair donation.

Human hair obtained from the human body is chemically treated, washed and then conditioned to simulate the hair. In these processes, the hair can also be significantly altered so that it can be washed, carded and dried like natural hair. After this treatment, the hair can be dyed and can provide different colors from black and brown to gold and gray.

Wigs for the care of the wig

Whether it is pure human hair or artificial hair wigs, it will be contaminated and dirty after a long time. Therefore, before using the wig, it is best to use a quilting pad to make a hair net, which is useful for fixing and easy to clean.

The wigs are usually cleaned every 3 to 7 days. Before washing, first use a soft, coarse-tooth brush or a wooden comb with fine teeth to gently comb the top and bottom to clean out dirt and dust. Then place the wig in warm water with detergent (water temperature 25 ~ 30 ° C), soak for 10 minutes, then gently rinse the wig by hand, rinse with a comb to remove the sticky material from the wig. Keep in mind that you should not put the wig in the water and the wigs fall off and break. Finally, rinse the wig with clean water, challenge the towel to gently absorb the wig moisture, apply some hair to the wig, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, then change it with a curling iron or remove it. If you do not use it often, you should use a plastic bag to seal the collection.

In addition, the live wig can be trimmed and dyed as if it were treated with hair according to the user’s request, and a satisfactory hairstyle can be arranged. When you use it every day, you can use the cartilage rib brush and the wooden comb with fine teeth to gently comb the hair.

If it is not used for a while, use the hair clip to hold it in the direction of the wave; Remove the wig from the wig before going to bed and place it for ventilation.

I have to buy some wigs to understand the common sense of maintenance and cleanliness. In this sense, the maintenance and washing methods of the real hair type are relatively simple. First, put the shampoo in the water, then submerge the wig (warm, hot water), then put a small amount of conditioner in the water, immerse the wig in about three minutes, then wipe the water with a towel and hang it. . After the gazebo dries in the shade, it can be stored in a box. You can also comb the hair along the original hairstyle and place it on the plastic frame.

When washing artificially, you should pay attention to not being able to wash with a dressing machine. Warm water and hot water are not available for hand washing. It should be washed with cold water. The steps are the same as for real hair. After using a towel to absorb the water, comb it with a comb and dry it (do not comb it with a comb during the washing process). Do not expose it to sunlight. This type of wig is in the form of high temperature treatment. It will be modified, so keep it away from sources of heat (such as air conditioners, heating, hair dryers, etc.). The wigs are also part of a beautiful appearance, and you must be clean at all times. The use of a dirty and greasy wig is not a pioneer of fashion, it will affect the image in general.